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Month: June, 2019

The Breakthrough that is Live Cam Sites

It really isn’t even that long ago when live cam sites hit the internet and was a very short lived sensation. What pretty much blew out the flame, or perhaps rather reduced it to a faint flicker forgotten by most was the fact that the way it was structured by the host companies were way too greedy and quite frankly just plain stupid.

As a consumer you had to pay for literally everything. A subscription sometimes to just even get access to the site and then you had to purchase and spend tokens even before really having the opportunity to see what your money would buy you.

It was suicide by poor design rather than a decline in popularity and the recent resurgence with sustained success is proof of that.

At sites like┬á you don’t have to pay a thing to visit the site and you actually have complete freedom to watch the majority of the performances completely free. other than private shows, which is the exception, it is up to you, the consumer, to decide if you will be tipping/supporting the performer.

While that may very well be exploited to no end, it has proven that the typical audience is mature and generous.